Välkommen till Fair Horse Care - Fri frakt i hela Sverige - Säker betalning med Klarna - Nöjd kund garanti
Välkommen till Fair Horse Care - Fri frakt i hela Sverige - Säker betalning med Klarna - Nöjd kund garanti

Emma DahLgren

Let us get to know Emma better!

Year of birth:  2003
Sweden, Växjö.
FEI Team Program and LA:P1 
Tell us something unexpected and funny about yourself : What you might not believe is that for a time in my life I played football. Hand on heart, I was lousy, above all I was afraid of balls… so it was lucky for both me and my teammates that I chose equestrian sports instead, even though it took me six years to realize that football wasn’t my thing! And yes, I’m still scared of balls.

Which product is your favorite so far among Fair Horse Care’s products?

“Hard to choose just one, I have to choose two that in combination with each other are perfect for competition! The shampoo is a game changer. A very mild, but fresh scent with a deep cleansing effect makes the fur shiny clean and incredibly soft and smooth. Finish with “Shine and Care oil” for the perfect shiny and caring finish.”


When I’m not working in the shop, I spend all my waking hours with my two horses and with the family dog. Today I am stabled at my trainer’s together with my two ponies – Natala born -02, who I have owned for 10 years, but who has shown that she does not like life as a competition horse. She is incredibly well educated and has taught me everything she can. She is the horse that really laid the foundation for my great interest in riding and above all for dressage. My other pony is called Hamilton and I compete in dressage with him. Hamilton is a very special guy with great potential. On his track record is a small silver as a 5-year-old with his previous owner. I’ve had him for about four years and we’ve accomplished a lot in that time. Together we have debuted the FEI classes up to national level. If I’m not in the stables, you’ll find me with the family dog or with friends, often still dressed in riding clothes

What are your goals with your horses going forward?
I hope 2024 will be a very educational and exciting year! First of all, a new chapter begins for me as a big horse rider. Very sad to leave the pony era, but I’m also looking forward to finding a younger big horse later this year and starting the journey together towards the biggest classes! With the horses I have at home today, I want to keep them alert, fresh and happy. Continue to improve our weaknesses, learn new moves and above all continue to have fun together! They deserve only the best!

If you dream big, what do you dream about?
Of course, the highest classes with piaffe and passage are a goal for me. A dream is to ride at Falsterbo or Friends arena in the future! A big dream where the journey is just as fun as the final destination itself. Every day you learn something new with your horses and that’s what I think is so fun about equestrian sports. You can never be fully learned!

How do you feel about working with us at Fair Horse Care?
It’s really going to be so much fun! Not only because FHC has great products, they are also behind a cool and very important journey to make equestrian sports more climate-smart. FHC helps us riders make our horses shine, while at the same time we can become more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives. I am incredibly proud to be part of the journey ahead!