Välkommen till Fair Horse Care - Fri frakt i hela Sverige - Säker betalning med Klarna - Nöjd kund garanti
Välkommen till Fair Horse Care - Fri frakt i hela Sverige - Säker betalning med Klarna - Nöjd kund garanti


Let us get to know Julia better!

Year of birth:  2003
Young rider nordic championship 2023, Team-swedish championship 2023 and Junior swedish championship 2021
Tell us something unexpected and funny about yourself : When I was little I wanted to be a circus performer.

Which product is your favorite so far among Fair Horse Care’s products?

“All the products are so damn good, but if I had to choose just one, I’d have to say Survival Balm, such a moisturizing and healing product that doesn’t stick. An incredibly good ointment for a lot!”


My name is Julia Frising and I am a 20-year-old eventing rider from Vetlanda, who, together with my big horse Hubalia, competes at an elite level in eventing. I have recently been selected in the Agria Fälttävlansakademie which will be so incredibly fun and educational, a fantastic opportunity to achieve my goals next season which is also my last as a Young rider.
Horses have always been a big part of my life, I got my first pony when I was 10 years old and since then I have been stuck in the saddle.

What are your goals with your horses going forward?
My goal in 2024 is to ride the NM in Copenhagen and SM, if I dare to think big, I also want to ride the EC in Strzegom. I want to have as good a final season as a young rider as I possibly can and I will enjoy extra much everything I get to experience thanks to my fantastic horse Hubalia. Winter training is in full swing!

If you dream big, what do you dream about?
Of course, it had been the dream to end his youth with a European championship, but at the same time, it takes an incredible amount of work, hard work, top results and money to get there. But it really would have been so cool, that’s what I’m going to train for and put up the competition plan for next season and we’ll see how far it goes.

How do you feel about working with us at Fair Horse Care?
It will be great fun! I really love your products so it will be so much fun to be the face of you. I am super excited to collaborate with you.