Välkommen till Fair Horse Care - Fri frakt i hela Sverige - Säker betalning med Klarna - Nöjd kund garanti
Välkommen till Fair Horse Care - Fri frakt i hela Sverige - Säker betalning med Klarna - Nöjd kund garanti

Sahra Bradley

Let us get to know Sahra better!

Year of birth: 1990
Raised own young horses up to 1.30 and showed and trained several young horses for jumping diplomas on 3-year tests.
Tell us something unexpected and funny about yourself : Has been an elite gymnast before riding career.

Which product is your favorite so far among Fair Horse Care’s products?

“I am totally sold on Everyday Shampoo! Usually use shampoo very rarely though
I use this daily especially on the legs now that it has been so rainy and muddy. Also love Hoof Oil which blends so nicely into the hooves and Survival Balm which has a softening effect that I have not seen before in the horse world.”


Is a trained young horse trainer at Flyinge and has worked with horses in Denmark and
Germany. Passionate above all about the younger horses as their development is so
exciting to follow. Currently, I have my own horse, Svante. Bought him as a 3-
year old and he is now 5 years old and flawless up to 1.20.

What are your goals with your horses going forward?
If my horse is on top, the goal is to ride Breeders Trophy this year. I Always set goals for my horses, but when I work with younger horses you can never count on achieving your goals at any cost. Judgment maybe in a growth phase at the moment and need to rest. Although I am a competitive personOf course, the horse always comes first.

If you dream big, what do you dream about?
I dream of being able to work with horses full-time and build my own stable
where I can develop my business.

How do you feel about working with us at Fair Horse Care?
It is an honor to work with Fair Horse Care, a company that focuses on a sustainable
future. Even in the past I have always had a slight feeling of guilty conscience or shared feeling when I e.g. prepare my horses for competition. “My horse will be nice and it is necessary, but what is actually in this product and is it good for my horse?”. By now using products with natural substances do not need to be chosen. My horses will be fine and healthy Good.